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The country that has stolen my heart thumbnail

The country that has stolen my heart

I've travelled to the islands of the Pacific, the deserts of Australia and the jungles of Asia, but one often-misunderstood travel destination keeps calling me back for more.... Read the full article -->
The Importance of Travelling Alone thumbnail

The Importance of Travelling Alone

Would you go camping on your own for a month? Travelling with a partner or friend can be a great way to deepen a relationship, but there is incredible value in flying solo too…... Read the full article -->
Dads are pretty special thumbnail

Dads are pretty special

I found these drawings when my family was cleaning out my dad's office. They're probably from when I was five or six years old. Dads are pretty special people, aren't they?... Read the full article -->
Life, death and whales thumbnail

Life, death and whales

I lost my dad last night. He has battled cancer for three years. We were all in the room when he passed away : his six girls and my mum, plus many of his grandkids too. I can tell you that there was a whole lot of love packed into that little room. It was sad and beautiful all at once.... Read the full article -->