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This site is dedicated to those who have big goals and big fears. I get it. You’re totally right to feel scared. There’s a lot to be scared of! Like, for example, and in no particular order: killer robots, those sinkholes that keep popping open in Russia like champagne corks to celebrate the end of mankind, what the future might look like if Amazon, Google, Apple and Costco merge into one giant dictatorship called Apooglezonco, and last, but by no means least, selfie poles.


But don’t worry, there is hope. The world might feel horrendously messy, but fear and anxiety are yours to control.


That’s what we’re going to try to work on here: the things you can control.

Keep calm and chill out

There’s nothing to fear

Well, except for EVERYTHING! You know those terrifying films with lots of blood and ghosts and monsters who eat small children? Yeah, my dad wrote those. I was binge-watching gore from birth. Raised on horror films, I learned to milk nightmares from my imagination in the way that the child of a farmer might learn to squeeze milk from a cow. My brain knows no limits when it comes to thinking up worst-case-scenarios.


Anxiety disorders? Oh yeah. I gots ‘em.


I’ve spent most of my adult life analysing my own fear – where it lives, what it looks like, and whether or not it can be overcome. In an attempt to rid myself of it, I’ve climbed mountains, sailed an ocean and hiked through places that make a dark, chilly wood look inviting – and a whole bunch of other shit besides. Through this, I’ve learned some things about fear.

I’ve been trying to understand one thing:

How do you stop feeling scared?

Apart from the fact that fear is debilitating, ruinous and contagious, it’s also pretty fascinating. Look out into a crowd of humans – anywhere, anytime – and what you’re beholding is a swarm of fear-driven flesh monkeys. We all have it. It’s an unavoidable part of the human experience, but to what level?


That’s what I’ve been trying to understand.


What I can offer you here is the sum of my trials and errors, and what I’ve learned through over ten years of tackling fear. Think of it less like stiff, serious, leather-chair therapy and more like a crass, eccentric grandma offering up a box of mixed life lessons – some of which might be valuable golden nuggets, some of which might be deformed, crusty chocolates from 1982. I’ll leave you to do the sorting.

I have a new book coming out!

The Worrier’s Guide to the End of the World

A lively memoir chronicling the unforgettable friendship of two women on an exhilarating, harrowing pilgrimage through India, walking in Gandhi’s footsteps along the Salt March


Torre DeRoche is in the midst of grief—over her father, who’s just passed away, and over her recently ended relationship—when she crosses paths with the cheery and spirited Masha, who is pursuing her dream of walking the world. When Masha invites Torre to join her pilgrimage through the gorgeous region of Tuscany, drinking wine and twirling on hillsides, Torre straps on a pair of awful street shoes and gets rambling.


But the magical hills of Italy are nothing like the dusty and confronting roads of India that the pair wind up on, after deciding to trace a dangerous route full of wild dogs, snakes, and leering men – where they hope to absorb Gandhi’s wisdom by osmosis and end the journey fit, fearless, and ready to save the world. Along the way, the duo come face to face with their worst fears and discover the power of both friendship and travel to save us from our darkest moments.



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