I first started blogging in 2004. Back then, there was no Facebook or Twitter, and blogging was known as “Talking smack ’bout yo’self on the interwebz.” (Not really. Nobody ever said that except me, just now, regrettably.) However, like a tree falling in empty woods, there was nobody there to hear it.

When I took off travelling for the first time, I began a simple website as a way to share stories and pictures with my circle of trust, and—most importantly—to reassure my mother that I was not dead. Turns out that’s called a “blog.” And so I became a blogger.

Flash forward nine years and I’m still over-sharing about my life on the internet, only it’s not just my mum now. My circle of trust has grown exponentially large. I’m not sure if that’s an accomplishment worthy of an award, or a level of chronic narcissism that’s worthy of psychotherapy. Probably both.

Either way, it has been fun. Big things have happened in those nine years. I wrote a book. I’ve angered some people. I’ve met some generous, inspiring, and downright lovely folks through this blogging thing, who have ended up becoming real life human friends.

Some key bullet points about me:

  • I’m 34.
  • I live in Melbourne, Australia.
  • I eat a great deal of pho.
  • Yes, okay.

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If you’re still confused about who I am and what all this is about: Exactly.