The Illustrated Guide to Calming the F@#! Down

By Torre DeRoche and Sarah Steenland

We’re inviting you to travel with us on an adventure of a different kind.

This is a journey inwards. Over the course of the coming months, we are going to be spanning topics from our inner-most world of the body, through to the environment we live in, right out to our outer most world of the universe – all through the lens of fear and anxiety.

This series works a bit like an advent calendar. Each week or two, a new part of the illustration above will become active. Click on it to access the piece we’ve created on that topic. Stories will be told through personal narrative, gathered ideas, art, research and absurdism. This is going to be an eclectic journey through all things worry – from cell right through to star.

Why are we doing this?

Well, the world is a bit scary at the moment. And there’s a lot to be worried about! Climate change, killer robots, nuclear war, those sinkholes that keep popping open in the Russian permafrost like champagne corks celebrating the end of mankind, global politics – otherwise known as The Animal Farm finally coming together with Brave New World in real life.

There is hope.

It might all feel horrendously messy, but we do have power over our own inner spaces – even if it doesn’t feel that way. That’s what this series is all about: How to bring calm to our inner spaces.

Our ultimate goal is to make warriors out of worriers.

We believe it’s the more sensitive, anxious types who have the greatest power to make positive change, because they are often equipped with the superpowers of heightened empathy, perception and generosity. But fear can be clouding. Anxiety can quickly overwhelm. Terror cripples. Before we can become powerful warriors, we need to get a grip on the worrying.

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