A Big Change

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Big change – fearfuladventurer.com
Notice anything different?

Well yes, I gained a little weight from too much coconut milk soup in Thailand, but it’s not that. And yes, my frizzy, sun-damaged hair desperately needs professional help, but it’s not that either. Um, yes, I have aged a little (thanks for noticing) and, yes, some new wrinkles are spidering out from the corners of my—


Okay, I’ll just tell you.

It’s my blog. I redesigned it. After two years of the same design, it was time for a change.

The redesign only took me about eleventy billion hours. Getting ready to launch a book wasn’t quite challenging enough for me, you see. And working eight hours a day was too tame, so I doubled my workload and decided to forgo sleep. Who needs sleep? It’s overrated.

(Psst: Why is Tupac sitting on my lap right now, gazing into my eyes, saying: “Reality is wrong, dreams are for real”?)

Enda at Flare Marketing has also been pulling late nights to get this happening. You should hire him. He has magical powers which he calls “Java” and “HTML” and “CSS.” Oooh! Abracadabra! Specialis Revelio! SEO Magnifique! 

So I hope you like my new website. If you don’t, then please be 100% honest with me inside your closed lips while you nod and smile on the outside, because we are currently closed for feedback. I’m too tired and too busy and Tupac is being really demanding.

However, if you see a glitch, do let me know. We’re still ironing a few things out.

What’s new

  • A photo section. I’m so excited about this. I have a lot more photos to add, and I’ll be building this out when time permits.
  • A book page. If you’re reading my book, Tweet about it with the hashtag #loveanddrowning and I’ll add your thoughts to my page.
  • For bloggers and media folk, I’ve created a media kit. This will give you a quick way to access relevant information for writing reviews or interviews.
  • A FAQ section about writing and self-publishing. I’ll add to this along the way.
  • A FAQ about sailing and adventure.
  • A list of My Favorite Things (because I’m narcissistic like that).
  • A new about page and a new welcome page.
  • An entire rolodex of options for getting in touch with me and my people. (I’ve always wanted to say “my people,” though I’m still waiting for my opportunity to say, “I’ll have my people call your people.” So go get some people, people.)

In other news

I’m back in Melbourne for the Australian launch of my book, which happens on Feb 27.

My dog Frida is fat, though my mum insists she’s “just big boned.” It seems she has developed a peculiar bone-expanding problem during the year I’ve been away. Good thing mum is feeding her all that food to make her feel better about herself.

Frida big bones – fearfuladventurer.com

My book made the Penguin homepage yesterday!

Penguin Homepage

I celebrated by hanging around my parents house in my robe, and dressing my dog up in a Tupac hoodie. She’s really quite heavy on my lap, the lump.

Frida as Tupac

The talented people over at Summersdale Publishing in the UK baked a Love with a Chance of Drowning Cake! The book is out in July in the UK, though I fear the cake will be a little furry by then.

Love with a Chance of Cake

Love with a Chance of Cake

I’m going to be at Readings in Carlton in Melbourne, Australia, to talk / sign books on March 12. More on that soon. Meanwhile, subscribe to my beautiful new site!

Thanks for stopping by. 

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