An Earthquake State Of Mind thumbnail

An Earthquake State Of Mind

A Guest Post by Leif: "Nothing I have experienced in my life, thus far, has been as terrifying as the recent Tohoku earthquake in Japan. But nothing has also been as enlightening."

Wrong Place, Wrong Time thumbnail

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Just as the guide began leading us back, we heard people screaming from afar in the direction of our group. “What the hell are you people doing?!”

Death By Cubicle thumbnail

Death By Cubicle

As I drag myself out of bed for yet another unproductive, unfulfilling day, I have to wonder when it will all end. How long will it be before I can walk out of my prison cell for the last time?

A Storm Of Trouble thumbnail

A Storm Of Trouble

We were in the middle of the Egyptian desert and the day had been perfect, so when we saw electrical storms on the horizon, we figured it was a pretty scene over the dunes. I woke up just after sundown to find that rain was flooding the road ahead of us …

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Chased By A Bear thumbnail

Chased By A Bear

“Go, Davy, go!” I screamed in terror. “He’s chasing you! Pedal fast!” Only moments ago, the 300 pound black bear had been standing a mere four feet from my side. Now, I stood, rooted in place, and watched it chase my ten-year-old son down the road …

Burning Ring Of Fire thumbnail

Burning Ring Of Fire

The pressure turns to fire deep up inside me. Something is splitting, and the pain shoots through my entire body. There is nothing in the world at this point but me and the fire in my belly …

Laughing In The Face Of Death thumbnail

Laughing In The Face Of Death

I think about death a lot – like, all-the-freaking-time a lot. I think about death as much as most people think about fun, happy, pleasurable things. (Like petting puppies! I was talking about puppies! What did you think I was talking about, sicko?)

A City On Fire thumbnail

A City On Fire

As with any great adventure, it began with a carefully orchestrated plan. Funds carefully procured and squirreled away, third-world-travel immunisation shots and pills carefully administered, maps carefully studied and marked up …

Death by Greed thumbnail

Death by Greed

The Mexican bus driver – the busero – pulled out of the parking lot. Immediately I noticed that the bottom half of the bus wasn’t attached to the top, nor was the steering connected. At least, that’s how it felt as it shook, rattled and rolled …

Tiny Killer thumbnail

Tiny Killer

“Holy Sh*t I’m going to die!” are words that have crossed my mind many, many times on my last two bike rides from London to Cape Town via the Middle East and from Korea to Cape Town via the Axis of Evil. I got shot at in Afghanistan, knocked off my bicycle (lots) by taxi drivers in South Africa …