Dear bicycle commuter, We haven’t formally met: I’m the woman with the little dog who you cycle past on your daily commute from your stressful city job. Hello and nice to meet you. Yes, we’ve spoken before. Well, more accurately: you’ve spoken to me, and by ‘spoken’ I mean ‘yelled abuse at.’ Remember?

The house next door to mine was broken into a couple of days ago. Somebody smashed a window in broad daylight and took a bunch of cash and an expensive camera.The cops showed up at my front door to take a report, and I strained my memory for suspicious sightings between 10 am and 11 […]

PING! A gaggle of serious cyclists snapped me from my reverie. It seemed I was congesting the traffic with my non-aerodynamic cut-off jeans and my relaxed tempo, so I veered off the trail and out of the way until I was passed by a blur of logos and high-tec cycling accoutrements.

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