I’m a romantic at heart; so pardon my sappy sentimentality while I describe the songs that inspire me to explore, live and love in my short time here on earth. Gamble Everything For Love by Ben Lee: Love makes people do crazy things , but as Ben Lee says: if you gamble everything for love you’re gonna be all right. All right?

1. The awakening First, it starts with a mind-numbing boredom that seeps into your life like an insidious toxin, until one day you realize you’re sitting in front of the TV watching 45 minute-long infomercials about Ab-Blasters and Flowbees. “What is the point of life?” You hear yourself say out loud. This is the dawn […]

It’s a black night and the wind is vile. The waves must be twenty feet high. We’re tipping, staggering, flying down each angry wave and my stomach keeps bottoming out like we’re in a plummeting elevator. Our little boat, Amazing Grace, isn’t so amazing right now …

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