And the winner is  

Greg Goodman of Adventures of a GoodMan has achieved the impossible: he made me simultaneously disgusted and hungry. Gag! Nom nom nom. Gag! Nom nom nom. This photo draws me in and makes me hungry … until I make out the details and realize I’m drooling over a chicken head, intestines and all sorts of other floating bits that I don’t want to know about. Regardless, this bizarre dish transports me to an exotic place and gives me an insight into the culture of Laos. 

There were so many awesome entries and it was a tough choice, but Chicken Head had to win because it’s a beautiful image and because I’m a sucker for twisted shit. And since this pic is literally twisted shit, it wins the grand prize. Nice work, Greg!

Foods Of The World (Travel Photo Roulette #26)

Hello readers, guess what? My photo won a competition for the theme ‘tranquility’! (See pic below.) Laurence of Finding the Universe picked me. I didn’t even have to bribe him or anything!

So right now, I’m on stage, basking in the glow of a spotlight. I’ve hugged the losers, I’ve accepted my roses and crown and I’m giving you my widest Vaseline smile. (Please don’t pour pigs blood on me!) This means I get to host this round of Travel Photo Roulette. Let’s begin …

Welcome to the twenty sixth round. I will be your hostess. The premise is simple: I create a theme, you, dear blogger, submit your best photo as a link in the comments section below. Then I get to play Simon Cowell and choose the winner, who will then host the next round. Got it? Is that a question up the back? Yes, Johnny? Um … no, we’re not accepting pornography at this time. I believe you’re looking for the Dirty Photo Roulette page.


I’ve chosen Food. Ah, yes, my favorite topic. Food is a big part of traveling—street vendors, tiny restaurants, wafting smells, foreign flavors. Your photo may capture a delicious feast you’ll never forget, a work of edible art, a dish that captures a culture, or a local cuisine so horrifying that it made you upchuck a little.

I’m going to bend the rules a little for this one and welcome you to submit a small series, as it may be necessary to show steps to tell a story:

Huge mussels were collected off an untamed beach in the South Island of New Zealand. On a camp fire, I barbecued them, while making a sauce from butter, lemon, garlic and chopped tomatoes. Then, I feasted.

You can post just the one shot if you like. My only request is that you merge them into one long image, and size them to 550 px wide. Just take me on a food journey—good, bad, or ugly. Follow the competition on Twitter, hashtag #photoroulette.


The photo contest will run from September 12th – September 19th 2011. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I’ll announce the winner on this page on September 20th 2011.

The rules of the game are simple. The hosting blogger is the chosen winner of the previous week’s (7 days) game. The new host chooses a generic keyword or phrase that other bloggers submit photos to during the course of the week. Phrases can be as generic as ‘signs’ all the way to abstract thoughts like ‘religion’ and everything in between. At the end of the week, the hosting blogger chooses their favourite photo that fits the chosen phrase and moves it to the top of the post as the winning entry with direction to the new host’s site for the next round.

Readers can attempt to sway the author into picking a certain photo via comments, but the author (that’s me!) can ignore comments as they see fit. The game is repeated with the winner hosting the following week’s game and choosing a phrase for new photo submissions. The following is a list of the previously played rounds of the game and the hosting blogger for each. This list also doubles as a winner’s table as each topic host won the preceding round! Click the host’s link to go directly to that entry to see some stunning photographs from the chosen term/phrase!

Here’s the list of previous hosts and topics:

One last thing. Usually the rules are quite specific as to not allowing photoshopping, but as I find post processing to be a fairly integral part of digital photography, don’t worry about that one this time round.

And some small print you need to know…

  1. One submission per Blog (so sites that have 2+ authors only get one entry). *For my topic of food, you can submit a sequence of up to three photos, as long as they tell a story together. Please merge them into one long image and size them to 550 px wide.
  2. No photoshopping allowed unless specifically called for!  Cropping and correction for red-eye or camera flaws are ok, however.
  3. Abstract submissions welcomed as long as it fits within the interpretation of the chosen phrase.  Remember, the hosting blogger chooses the winner, so if they cannot understand the submission, you might not win!
  4. Keep phrases general so that all bloggers can participate.  Specific items like “Eiffel Tower” should be avoided but rather made open-ended like  “monuments.” For variety, it is ok to say focused things such as “monuments at night” in which most of us have pictures of.
  5. Abstract thoughts are appreciated, but keep it within the realm that all readers will understand.  No “Kafka-esque”, but “Overlooking Creation” is able to be interpreted by all.
  6. No obscene pictures or phrases allowed.  Suggestive phrases and photography can be accepted, but please keep it within reason.
  7. After a sufficient period of time, phrases can be reused, however new photos must be submitted.
  8. Keep the ideas and photos fresh!
  9. Pictures from your entire portfolio is fair to submit.  You do not have to take the photo within the week of the contest period to submit it.
  10. Most importantly, ALL PHOTOS MUST BE YOUR OWN.

How to submit your entry:

Don’t forget you need to be a blogger to take part, because if you win you’re going to need to be able to host the next round!

To take part, provide links to your images in the comments field below, with a short description, and a link to your blog.

The photo needs to be publically viewable, and I would very much appreciate it if you could resize it down to no more than 550px wide. Once your photo is submitted I will add it to the post below along with a link back to your site.

Finally, once you’ve submitted your shot, I’d love it if you could take a moment to share this post on the interwebs using the sharing buttons to your right, which will give more folks a chance to take part!

The Contestants:

A hilarious first entry from Living the Dream. Indeed, that is one huge ass big mumma of a shrimp. 

“I was told to never play with my food.. but with a shrimp and chili crab this huge in Singapore I just couldnt resist.”

Amanda Leduc has submitted a hit of carbs, sugar and protein straight into my veins. Yes please:

Vegetarians, beware

I’m teetering on the brink of vegetarianism now, but memories like this are what keep me from falling completely over the edge …

Adam from Travels of Adam has submitted these little rolls of tasty goodness:

Lunch in Saigon: Goi Cuon

I couldn’t get enough of the food in Vietnam. These are fresh spring rolls, or Goi Cuon with shrimp. Wrap them in fresh mint and salad leaves and they don’t just have to be an appetizer!

A pic from Rebecca at Travels at 88mph. I have absolutely no idea what this is, but I’ll take three!

Harry de Wheels pie, Sydney, Australia I have this picture printed out and part of my Sydney collage on the wall of my living room so I can look at it and drool over it every day!

Deidra from Dream a Little Dream is responsible for the drool that’s now on my keyboard. Repair bills will be forward to you, Deidra:

Dulce de leche me, baby … uh-huh, uh-huh. This entry comes from Ayngelina of Bacon is Magic:

These are alfajores, a traditional cookie of Argentina with delicious dulce de leche in the middle. I took a cooking class in Buenos Aires and we made this as a dessert.

I can almost taste this one just by looking at the picture. I want to know what’s in it. Runaway Juno’s raw crab dish: 

Gejang - marinated raw crab

I choose Gejang to be my glorious food photo submit. This is Korean dish, and basically it’s a marinated fresh crab.

Stephen from Bohemian Traveler has blasted his way into the competition with this piece of edible artwork: 


This is Laksa from Melaka, Malaysia.

What I love most about this entry from Crazy Little Thing Called Blog is the eye contact from the man in the foreground that’s clearly saying: “You, sir, will be getting the explosive shits if you eat this food, sir, but I dare you to try and resist, thank you very much.”

When traveling, gotta try street food. Even if it can cost you stomach problems afterward … Samosas, Laad Baazar in Hyderabad, India

Check this entry from 1000 Places to Fight Before You Die. Those romantic Latins, eh? Only … I’m confused by that slice of carmel in the middle, which appears to be splitting the marital bed in two. Latin romantics, or Wiccan Peruvians? You decide: 

When we were in a Cusco, Peru a couple years back, we let the waiter know that we were celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary, and he and the entire kitchen staff came back with this! It was amazing!j

Greg Goodman of Adventures of a GoodMan has achieved the impossible: he’s made me simultaneously disgusted and hungry. Gag! Nom nom nom. Gag! Nom nom nom. 

Can’t say it’s going to make anyone hungry, and I just might be shooting myself in the foot this week, but it’s too crazy to hold back. And no, I did not eat it.

A submission from Nathan of As We Travel. Good words me have no. Gone stupid. Creamy eat cheese sugar yum yum …

Fika in Sweden is one of the most popular and enjoyable times of the day – there is ALWAYS time for Fika (cakes and coffee) in Sweden :p

A sailboat made from gingerbread: now that’s my kind of sailing. A submission from the whimsical Charley from Secret Water:

I call his one “Two Brace of Mermaids” Made from Gingerbread on a day when it was too windy to go to sea. Oh and its Sydney, Australia but I was dreaming of Cornwall (hence the Cornish Blue Mug in the background!)

I just had to have some stern words with Globe Trotter Girls for making my stomach hurt with hunger. I want this. Now.

Huevos Rancheros1

Breakfast in Nicaragua: Rice & Beans with Eggs & Salsa. YUM!

A splay of seafood from Amanda at A Dangerous BusinessJust give me some dipping sauce, a nut cracker, a glass of wine and a bib. 

Well, this food isn’t quite ready-to-eat yet, but it sure looks awesome! I took this shot at Pike Place Market in Seattle – I LOVE that place.

Four Jandals have brought some snails to the party. And really … what is a party without some snail snacks? 

Our first night in Paris and we couldn’t resist being the total tourists so we got stuck in to Escargot (snails) in a delicious pesto sauce with a Parisian Beer to wash it all down. Tasted no different than seafood mussels back in New Zealand to be honest!

A trek that involves fresh ceviche? That’s my kind of trek. Jack and Jill Travel‘s submission: 

The moment I fell in love with ceviche: Ceviche de Trucha served at lunch time during our trek.

From NomadbibaI sure wish I had nuts. Big, big nuts. 

Walking into Barcelona’s famous La Boqueria market, could drive me nuts with all these choices!

This is one happening carb party that I’d like to attend. From Ordinary Traveler

The best steak sandwich we have ever had – found in Coolongolook, Australia at The Salty Dog.

When Raymond of  Man on the Lam submitted this pic, I almost tagged it as viagra spam:

This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S! Chocolate covered in fact, with sprinkles for that extra bit of sugar that only sprinkles can deliver. They can be found at the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand.

Nick Laborde of Locationless gets creative with EAT. I had to look long and hard to spot the photographer in the reflection. 

This shot was taken in Napa Valley CA on a road trip I did in June with three other crazy bloggers.

Too bad I’ve already eaten lunch, otherwise I’d LOVE some sautéed crickets. It looks mushylicious. Thanks to Lilliane of Wanderlass for this little beauty:  

Look closely at this fine looking sautéed in onion dish … meat? vegetable? Well, it’s cricket for you. A local delicacy in Pampanga province in the Philippines. It tastes like fruit. Kind of sweet.

Natasha from Wandering Kiwi comes in right at the buzzer with a photo that has my finger hovering over ‘Book Flight’ …

After years of research I’ve finally decided: the best food in the world is to be found in Naples…

Daniël from Globe Trekking has a lo-ve-ly bowl of coconut. Twiddle-de-de-de. There they are all standing in a row … Big ones, small ones, some as big as your … you get the idea.

For some reason, I don’t take a lot of pictures of food. Maybe it’s because I never eat anything exciting (being a vegetarian) but while in Cambodia I took a quick shot of my lunch: Amok—a fish curry dish that was served in a hollowed out coconut …

If someone doesn’t get me one of these things soon, I’m going to have a full-blown diva fit. Dustin from Skinny Backpacker—I’m delegating this task to YOU.

I’m ALL about dessert, and in Sweden the Semla is tops. It has a rich history behind it and… yada yada yada it’s pretty yummy

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