Welcome to my blog. Take a seat. Make yourself comfortable. Pour yourself a tea. Put your feet up on my coffee table. Wait—put your pants back on… We’re not getting that comfortable together!

Let’s talk.

In this blog, I talk a lot about fear because we all suffer from it in some form or another. Fear of rejection, fear of the blank page, fear of snakes, fear of planes, fear of bad movies about snakes on planes…

If we listen to them, our fears can disable us, kill self-expression, and leave us full of regret. Or worse—they can rob us of the opportunity to tell a very impressive story of the time we were stuck on a plane with snakes.

There are two types of fear.

Good fear

Good Fear - fearfuladventurer.com

Keep this kind of fear. It keeps you safe and happy and not dead.

Bad fear

Bad Fear - fearfuladventurer.com

This is the kind of fear that I will be kicking you in the ass for.

So saddle up for an adventure.

Facing fears takes a bit of courage (strong spirits help too!). No matter what your fear is, the act of facing up to it is, in itself, an adventure.

So, fearful adventurers, let’s hold hands and do daring activities and then sit around the campfire and sing Kumbaya and form a hug circle and then wake up the next day with a cask wine hangover and an inability to look each other in the eye.

Or we can skip the whole regretful singing/hug circle scenario and just shoot rounds of ammo into the sky. That works for me too.

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About me

I once met a handsome man in a cocktail bar and I slept with him almost immediately. He was an adventurer who was planning to sail the world in his own boat. Suffering from a fear of deep water, I wanted nothing whatsoever to do with his dream. But he was handsome and he smelled nice. And really, do we need any more reasons to fall in love?

So eight months later, I jumped aboard his humble 32’ sailboat and ventured into the Pacific with him. We spent two years exploring the islands of the South Pacific—the Marquesas, Tahiti, the Cooks, Tonga. It was dreamy… apart from the terror, the storms, the violent seasickness, and the time we almost sank in the middle of nowhere.

I wrote it all up into a book, so you can read about it. The book is called Love with a Chance of Drowning and it’s coming out in 2013. It’s being made into a movie too, but don’t be one of those  a-holes who avoids the book and waits for the movie instead. Read the book. Okay? I wrote it for YOU.

I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia, but I’m currently residing on a tropical island in Thailand in a luxurious $5-a-night bungalow.

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As they say in Thailand: Me love you long time!

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