• Love with a Chance of Drowning
    My debut book…
  • Slider_Getting_Rid_Stuff
    The story of how I sold everything I own to set off travelling…
  • Afraid_to_fail
    Are you being held back from success by your fear of failure?
  • Slider_When_People_Dreams
    Naysayers, dream-slayers, or just plain assholes?
  • Slider_Bungalow_Makeover
    How I turned a $5-a-night shack into a million dollar retreat…
  • Homepage_Slider_32
    They seem cute at first, but then…
  • Homepage_Slider_12
    There's always at least one person who has to dish up a grim travel warning…

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A woman who walks alone thumbnail

A woman who walks alone

I've spent the last ten years experimenting with the boundaries of risk and fear, and this is my advice to women who want to walk alone.

An unexpected pilgrimage thumbnail

An unexpected pilgrimage

Earlier this year I was travelling alone in Europe when I randomly ran into a woman in Cinque Terre whom I'd met briefly at a travel writers' conference in New York.

A confrontation with falling thumbnail

A confrontation with falling

“Don’t look down,” said the person behind me, and so, of course, I turned and shone my light downwards.

A reason to travel with kids thumbnail

A reason to travel with kids

Some parents say that travelling with kids is not worthwhile. "They won’t remember it," these people say. "It’s a waste of money." Is that true?