No big projects are accomplished alone. Here are some of the amazing people in my arsenal.

Proofreading and editing services

Bree_DeRoche_Proofreader_EditorBree DeRoche – Clean Copy Editing & Proofreading

Bree edited my self-published book (which sold to publishers). She actually has a neurological quirk called Synesthisia, which means that for Bree, every word has a color. Why does this matter you ask?  Because it gives her a savant-like ability to edit. She’s superpowered. Oh, she’s also my sister. (Note: she doesn’t edit my blog. Nobody does, which is why you’ll find plenty of awkward typos and stray commas to keep you amused and judgemental.)

Book trailers, film clips, documentary and film-related projects

Summer_DeRoche_DirectorSummer DeRoche –

This chick is also my sister. She’s damn talented. She makes movies. She’s going to be famous soon. Sum has just cleaned up at film fesitvals all over the world for her documentary The Globe Collector. She helped me make my book trailer, so if you need videos made, she’s your gal.

Social media marketing and digital connecting

Jade_Craven_SuperconnectorJade Craven –

Jade is a digital connector and she’s damn good at it. She knows all the Big, Important Internet Peeps (BIIPs) and if she believes in you and your product, look out! She can make amazing things happen. Jade has worked wonders for me, and she has also become a good friend. See her list of services here.

Web building, marketing, and all things tech

Enda_Flare_MarketingEnda Glacken – Flare Marketing

For a long time, I did my own HTML and site building, which was about as smooth as DIY open heart surgery. I shaved precious years off my life, and I put wrinkles on my head that will never come out. In comes Enda of Flare Marketing, who does all this work for me quickly and for a very reasonable price, and—AND!—when I email him 45 times about tweaking my font leading and kerning, he never, ever says, “Torre, for the love of God STOP being so anal.” A testament to his Gandhi-like patience.

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